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Scroll of Ressurection

Wow… 5 months.

You know, I never forgot about the blog, it was always there in the back of my mind. I always wanted to write, to scribe my adventures and those of my friends, but life sometimes gets in the way. I do apologize for the long absence, but sometimes it simply can’t be helped.

So how have you been?

Me? I’ve been busy, like I said, both in Azeroth and in that strange place many people simply refer to as “IRL”. I’m making a conscious effort to return to blogging though, so I figured I would give you an update on what I’ve been up to.

As you know, the whispers of a strange new land where Panda-like humanoids dwell is upon us. I hear an expedition is being mounted that’s due to set out for uncharted lands in a matter of days. With all the excitement surrounding the wave of new adventure, it’s hard to find the rush in your day to day anymore. Deathwing is dead (good riddance), the cowardly Horde won’t face me in the Arenas anymore, and Brewfest is still much too far away for this Dwarf… So what have I been doing to pass the time?

Well first the big news. Remember that amazingly sexy Dwarf in bunny ears from my last post? Well she has officially leveled up from Dwarf girlfriend to Dwarf fiance. Yeah, that’s exciting. We’re trying to determine how we are possibly going to be able to supply enough alcohol for the entire clans, but that’s exciting stuff. But I love her, she’s the Lois to my Clark.

I also picked up a new look, check it out:

I know what you’re thinking and yes, my gun really is that big.

I’ve also taken my hunting to a whole new level. I’ve graduated from killing Dragons and weird faceless creatures to taking on the true terrors of Azeroth: Bunnies.

…OK I can’t find a picture but I swear I took down the Darkmoon Rabbit! Don’t believe me? Just look how happy Anya is: Would she be that happy if the bunny was still running around? I don’t think so.

Lastly, a group of friends and I banded together and finally started our own Guild. <The Guilded Age> was founded only a week ago, but we decided that now was the perfect time to do it, right before we all set sail for Pandaria to begin our new adventures.

Other than that my adventures in Azeroth have been rather slow, as one might have expected with such talk of forthcoming adventures buzzing about, but I’m sure I’ll have loads to do in the very near future. I will do my best to check back in before 5 months is up.

One last thing, I am now on Twitter. If you would like to follow me, and be updated much more frequently, just look me up @Dwarfkinz.

Hope things are treating you all well. I will strive to blog more often, I promise.


Happy Hunting!




Well, another holiday has come and gone and I am one step closer to obtaining that awesome Protodrake. As far as holiday’s are concerned, Noblegarden was probably one of the easier ones. Especially with the help of my girlfriend seen pictures here after being bunnied (bunnied is now a word).

I’ll be honest, I was a little concerned about Shake Your Bunny Maker (hilarious name for an achievement by the way). But being the stealthy Dwarf that I am, I managed to infiltrate Orgrimmar and find the women I needed… That sounds a little wrong doesn’t it?

The thing I love about holidays is that it tends to bring out the best in people. Even when I was bounding around Orgrimmar throwing bunnies on the Horde’s women, people didn’t seem to mind me being there so much. Of course, they could have just been taken aback by the sight of a grown Dwarf in bunny ears and some Spring Robes bounding around their city with a Noblegarden basket, but for whatever reason they pretty much left me alone. Sure, you have the occasional hard core loyalist who absolutely would not tolerate my presence (must be on Garrosh’s payroll) but for the most part the Horde was pretty civil. I even managed to find a Goblin girl just hanging out near Goldshire allowing people to bunny her (bunny is now a verb too).

It’s times like this when my hatred for the Horde diminishes slightly.

I do, however, sense dark days coming. With the passing of Noblegarden, we begin to creep ever closer to the one holiday I dread above all other. A holiday that will pit the Horde and Alliance against one another as they strive to teach children how cool violence is… Children’s Week

So once again, a shout out to my beautiful girlfriend Bleumerald who helped make this Noblegarden both productive and fun, and for just being the most wonderful girlfriend a Dwarf could ask for.

Happy Hunting!


Aesthetics and the Modern Dwarf

Nothing, in all of Azeroth, is as pretty to me as standing high on the cliffs surrounding Stormwind and looking down upon the city that has become my second home; or soaring through the snowy peaks around my birthplace of Ironforge. I love everything about these places. From the feeling I get from having the icy wind beat against my face as my gryphon fights the harsh winds of Dun Morogh, to the inner peace I find listening to the birds chirp in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind.

On the other hand, I find the crude, primitive construction of Orgrimmar to be an absolute eye-sore, and the bleak desolation of the Undercity soul crushing. When I see these places I can’t imagine feeling at home among their walls, yet it occurs to me that roughly half the intelligent races on the planet do just that. They dwell in these cities that fill me with despair and repulsion, and are happy to do so. That makes me wonder what these same people think about the places I call home. Would a citizen of Orgrimmar consider the statues and parks (RIP) of Stormwind to be wasted space? Would they feel the same way about my beloved Ironforge that I do of the Undercity?

The aesthetics of the world around us are a powerful tool. When I was just a wee hunter, they would determine the parts of the world Petkinz and I traveled to. If a place wasn’t appealing to me I would pack up camp and head for greener pastures, no matter how good the game was in a particular area. I just couldn’t stand being in a place that I didn’t find aesthetically pleasing.

Now I’m not saying that I find all the land owned by the Alliance to be the Titans gift to the races, or that all the Horde territory is ugly beyond reason. Truthfully, I’m not very fond of any of the places the elves decide to make their home. There’s just something about all those trees and abundance of nature that doesn’t sit well with a stone carving Dwarf such as myself.

In opposition to that, I find the rolling plains of Mulgore and the lofty town of Thunder Bluff to be absolutely breathtaking. I often fly high above the city just to gaze upon it… before the archers start trying to shoot me out of the sky.

Azeroth is an incredibly beautiful world, with so much to offer and so many places to go. But the fact remains that I have no desire to go to half of these places. Especially now that I am older and my days of adventuring around the world have come to a dwindle, I find myself being much pickier about where Petkinz and I run off too. The only reason I’ve even gone to Kalimdor recently was to give a lovely charm bracelet to the High Priestess, and even then I hearth the moment I could.

So I ask you, fellow adventurers, how has the aesthetics of the world around you affected your decisions? Do you avoid places like I do because they creep you out (I really hate you Duskwood), or do you go wherever the call board tells you and like it?

Once again we take the spotlight off of Dwarfkinz in order to showcase some of my lesser known friends (alter egos). Allow me to introduce to you Lightkinz, a bright eyed young paladin who only recently took to the order. Lightkinz is a natural born leader, sworn to protect and lead those with whom he travels.

Recently, he had his first chance to lead a band of merry adventurers into the dark depths of the Deadmines. This was his first time having an entire group rely on him, and let me tell you, he was terrified. Now sure, I’ve helped the kid out by providing him with some sweet gear to boost his confidence, but nothing compares to knowing that you hold the life of four other people in your hands.

However, from what I hear, he did pretty well. Like any good Paladin, he successfully guided his rag tag gang through the dreaded mines slaying ogres and worgen alike until finally besting the vile Cookie. He tells me it was a rush unlike any he has experienced before in his entire existance on Azeroth.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from Lightkinz as time goes on, I see him having a very bright future wielding The Light.

First off, let me tell you a little something about myself: I am super cheap. I have been Exalted with my guild for months now, but have been putting off buying any of the nice sparklies that go along with that because, well, I’m cheap. This being the end of Deathwing’s reign, I’ve amassed a small fortune and have been able to afford nicer things for quite a while, but just haven’t been able to talk myself into taking Petkinz down to the kindly guild vendor and buying us a new ride. It doesn’t help that they don’t offer trade ins, I’ve got an old Brown Horse I would be willing to part with to knock a few silver off that price.

But I finally cracked yesterday. The desire for bigger and more sparkly things finally got to me and I sucked it up, gathered my gold, and went to the dealership. There I am, hovering over Stormwind atop my brand new Dark Phoenix, from here on known as Purple Sparkles.

So do I regret it? Not even for a second, this thing is lightning fast and super pretty… but mainly it’s the pretty thing.

Ego Booster

So, I realize this fight is not an accurate measure of DPS, however, it works incredibly well to make me feel invincible, and boost my bad-assery factor.

Above is a screenshot of my Mannoroth fight in the Well of Eternity heroic. As you can see, I had a commanding lead in DPS (because I’m a hunter and that’s what we do). But the real thing I want to point out are those numbers. I know it’s kind of small in that picture so let me help you out:

DPS: 122160.3

I know, right? I’ve been telling people I’m awesome for years but they just won’t listen.

For those of you just dying to start tell me that it’s inflated because of mechanics, just let me have this moment. For those of you anxious because you want to inform me that I’m terribad and should be pulling 1,000,000,000,000,000 on normal fights and 4 bajillion times that on this fight… well, please just don’t 🙂

Anyway, just feeling like hot stuff right now and figured I would share.

Happy Hunting!

So, when doing my initial calculation of when I would have enough Love Tokens to obtain the Lovebird, I forgot to take into account the random number of tokens obtained from running the holiday boss. Because of this I was actually able to mount up on my deformed flamingo a little earlier than I was anticipating.

That’s me there, sitting proud upon my new, totally manly steed that I’ve spent the better part of the last week and a half working on. This marks the official end of my Love is in the Air goals. I’ve gotten all the achievements I needed for the meta (I don’t have the luck one, but I don’t need it so I’m not too worried about it). I’ll probably keep roflstomping the boss in hopes of getting some kind of nice loot, but I’ve officially met all of my goals for the holiday.

So far in my quest for the Protodrake I have obtained Hallowed Be Thy Name, Merrymaker, To Honor One’s Elders, and Fool For Love. That means I’m officially at the half way mark. I’m kind of dreading the next two holidays though… they seem to have some really hard requirements.

But I’ll hunt that game when it comes around. So until Noblegarden

Happy Hunting!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey everyone! Not going to be a lengthy post today. I just wanted to share this slightly humorous picture I found and wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you’ve had a good one.

I hope you were able to spend it with the one you love. But if you’re still looking for that person, well…

Happy Hunting 🙂

Sometimes Dwarfkinz needs a little rest and relaxation. During these times, I sometimes follow the adventures of a few of my friends (or alter egos depending on if you want to over think this). Today’s spotlight is on Gnomeokinz the little Gnome Warlock and his sweet little Priest girlfriend Gemerald. Here they can be spotted sharing a romantic picnic just outside the gates of Darnassus. The goblins have enthralled the masses during this festive season with their Love is in the Air event, and these two are no exception. Just look at how crazy they are about each other. I’ll just say it:

These two Gnomes are adorable. They may even join each other on day in holy matrignomey. They’re like two Gnomes in a garden. They are simply gnometastic.

I’ll stop. But seriously. Aww.

Earlier today I realized that I was only a few short instances away from my Classic Dungeonmaster achievement. All I had left was Wailing Caverns… and Ragefire Chasm.

Now, granted, both of these areas would be super easy for a Dwarf of my level of experience to simply walk through. But one of them just so happened to be in the very heart of Orgrimmar, the capital city to thousands of Orcs, Trolls, and what have you that want my immaculate beard on a wall somewhere.

But I refused to let that deter me. I took to the skies on my lightning fast Sparkle Pony and soared high above the city gates. I circled a few times, waiting for my moment. Waiting for the flying patrols to turn their backs and then I made my move. I dove, as quickly as my pony’s celestial wings could carry her, into the vile depths of the Orc city. As I approached my destination, nearby guards took note. Arrows began whizzing all around as my faithful steed did her best to dodge each one. Shouts began rising over the city’s dwellers in a language I couldn’t understand, but what I assumed meant nothing good for me. Hideous grunts rang through the halls of the Cleft of Shadow as more and more of the green beasts showed with the intention of taking me down.

But at last I could see it! The swirling vortex that marked my destination, my escape from the hell I had brought down upon myself. As I drew closer, Sparkles uttered a pained whinny as she took an arrow to her hind leg, but she kept going. Closer and closer until finally…

We had arrived.

I had exited one hell and stepped into another. All around there was nothing but burning ash and molten lava. What had I done? I needed to find my mark, and get out as quickly as possible. Luckily, the denizens of the cave were no match for Petkinz and me. Even the dreaded felguard commander, Taragaman, fell easily to my arrows. And with his death I rose to new heights.

I had achieved.